Ubc biophysics thesis

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Positions in Mathematical Physics

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Re-Wiring the Brain

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Dr. Brunette’s Research

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Graduate Programs

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Program in Molecular Biophysics

The Advisory Committee will attend the student's thesis research seminar, which is to be presented by the student prior to the writing of his/her thesis Members of the Advisory Committee will be available for advice and direction during the time that the student is enrolled in the program.

Adam Yasunaga MSc Candidate - Biochemistry BSc (Hons.) - Biochemistry, UBC. - present. Research interests: Cell adhesion, motility and mechanical signalling, X-projects Awards: GDES, URA, URC poster award, Graduate Travel Award. The Department of Physics & Astronomy at UBC is noted for the excellence of its research and its high academic standards and integrity.

We are constantly rated as one of the top Physics & Astronomy programs in the world. Each year, we offer 20 to 30 graduate level Physics and Astronomy courses. Approximately 75% of our students go on to graduate school, mostly in physics, but a significant number go into other areas such as law, business, medicine, biophysics, and medical physics.

NanoMat Students

Our students regularly get into outstanding graduate schools such as Princeton, Cornell, University of. Joel received his redoakpta.com in Engineering Physics from UBC inand his Ph.D. in Physics from UBC in Joel studied under Dr. Marziali, where his thesis work was the demonstration and initial development of what is now Boreal’s SCODA technology.

Amelia Letvin Golden Gate National Park Conservancy, Alcatraz Island Visitor Associate California, USA Amelia is a geologist, environmentalist, conservationist, and adventurer.

Ubc biophysics thesis
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