Outsourcing thesis wage gap

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Author links open overlay panel Chu-Ping Lo. where ω = w w * denotes the wage gap between the West and East and w the results implied from my current paper are in line with those of the above studies that international outsourcing increases wage rates.

This paper is also consistent with. The Effect of Outsourcing on the Change of Wage Share Tianqi Li This Thesis is brought to you for free and open access by the Theses at TigerPrints.

It has been accepted for inclusion in All Theses by an authorized administrator of TigerPrints. For more information, please [email protected] The increasing wage gap leads to.

The increasing wage gap leads to increasing income inequality, growing poverty and strains the social fabric. Hence, we need an alternative approach to explain the increasing “wage gap†between nonproduction and production workers.

The term outsourcing refers to contracting or getting business functions such as labor from an external source. One of the advantages of off-shoring is that it helps in cost reduction especially if it is outsourced from developing countries because there is a wage gap between what developed economies would pay their employees and what they pay employees from developing countries.

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Does Outsourcing Account for the US Wage Gap?

Jun 05,  · Peter R. Orszag is a Bloomberg Opinion columnist. He is a vice chairman of investment banking at Lazard. He was director of the Office of Management and Budget from to .

Outsourcing thesis wage gap
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"The Effect of Outsourcing on the Change of Wage Share" by Tianqi Li